Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Final Stretch

Hi everyone!

Tonight, I am excited to inform you that this will be my final blog post of the semester. The last four and a half months truly flew by in the blink of an eye and has been an exhilarating roller coaster ride for me. I came into this program nervous about my aspirations of becoming a doctor, yet eager to prove that I deserve a spot in this program and a seat in medical school. As I reflect on my progress this semester, I realize the enormous amount of information I have learned. From the cardiovascular/ANS systems to infectious diseases to the renal system, I have learned about a copious amount drugs, their mechanism of action, their indications, and side effects. By no means was this an easy task, and I remember initially feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information and wondered if I could really learn it all and be able to properly diagnose a patient. After months of continuously changing and customizing a study plan that best fits me for medical pharmacology, the second year medical school course, I feel I am at point where I can handle anything that is thrown at me. And to be able to say this about a second year medical course is a wonderful feeling. It has given me confidence that I never thought of having before entering medical school. In addition, being able to master and comprehend this course's material gives me a new found confidence that I will be able to bring with me to future medical school interviews. For this, I am grateful for Tulane's Masters of Pharmacology program. 

Another part of the Masters program is a volunteering component. Being the designated tutor of my large extended family, seventeen cousins to be exact, I have grown up to love kids and helping them understand their math and science classes with confidence. I am amazed at how much a confident child can learn compared to a child who doesn't think they have the ability to learn the material. When I found out about SciHigh, it seemed like the perfect volunteer opportunity. SciHigh has honestly exceeded all my expectations. My first day was the most memorable because the students welcomed me and had no problems asking for my help on school work. But my favorite moment was when they asked me questions about college and was interested about applying after I answered some of their questions. To some of us, college was the mandatory next step after high school, or so we thought at least. But for many of the kids at SchHigh, college may or may not be something they have thought about. Thus, being able to encourage them to think about it and having a positive reaction is an awesome feeling. I understand that this isn't a conversation that happens once. This is something that has to be brought up throughout the school year and broken up into obtainable goals, which is why I plan on seeing the kids on a regular basis and volunteering at SciHigh for as long as I can. All in all, I am satisfied and happy with my progress in the program and with my volunteering experience. It feels great to be productive and I look forward to continuing this wonderful progress next semester. See y'all then. Cheers!

This month's community service hours: 16 hours 
Total semester service hours: 30 hours 

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