Sunday, March 5, 2017

Pharmacology, Tornadoes, and Beads

Happy Mardi Gras my lovely readers!

February has been an action-packed month. And not just because of Mardi Gras, which was an adventure in itself, but I guess I can start there. This was my first Mardi Gras and needless to say, I've never seen anything like it. I've been told repeatedly, "Mardi Gras is a marathon, not a sprint! So pace yourself". Lo and behold, it is indeed a marathon, a long and glorious one I might add, so be prepared if you plan on attending one. I am grateful I was able to experience this iconic event while attending Tulane. To be able to see and experience Mardi Gras as a local was definitely one of the highlights of this celebration for me. 

Unfortunately there was also a natural disaster that occurred in the month of February. Roughly 8 tornadoes touchdown in East New Orleans and left a path of destruction. Homes, schools, and businesses were torn to pieces and many of the residents were left with little to nothing. Being so close to all of this was an eye-opening and humbling experience. To have all of your life's possessions with you in the morning and then gone by the afternoon is not something I had put much thought into. Thankfully, my apartment was not on the path of the tornadoes, but to think of others who's home were on that path is a sad thought. Immediately I wanted to help. After a quick search, a couple of classmates and I found that the Red Cross was asking for volunteers to help with the cleanup and the assessment of the disaster and so we signed up for it.

In between volunteering, studying for the MCAT, and checking out Mardi Gras festivities, I am glad to say that I have been doing well on this semester's block exams. The final exam, the shelf exam, is about 10 days away and I can't say I'm not nervous about it! However I've been studying diligently the last couple of days and will continue until March 15th. Until next time, check out some of pictures I took this month!

A gas station destroyed by the tornadoes 

 What is left of a home and car 

One of the homes my team assessed for damage from the tornadoes. I thought it was interesting that the front door was so high up. How do the residents get up there?

On a lighter note, the tree of beads from Mardi Gras on Tulane's Uptown campus

February Community Service Hours: 12 hours
Total Semester Community Service Hours: 18 hours 

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